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Immigration Law

After gaining the full British citizen rights to reside within the UK is a process called immigration process. It is a term that makes your way to the UK in the legal way. There are different immigration laws that are represented by experienced immigration lawyer. As far as the European Union immigration laws are concerned, it is a term used when referring to the immigration of a European within the national within the EU.

If you are an immigrant from European Union member state and want to work within the UK, then in that case the permission must be sought from the accession states. A migrant from one of the new EU member state may also need advice of worker registration scheme or WRS to gain legal employment within the UK. On the other hand, if you are a non EU immigration, point based system through immigration law was introduced. In which you will get tier one for highly skilled workers, tier two for skilled workers with a job offer, tier three for low skilled workers filling specific temporary labor shortage and tier four for students.

In addition to this, there are different immigration laws for businessmen, innovators, students, citizens of Commonwealth Countries and the list goes on. With an aim to make the process of immigration and to provide you proper consultation on immigration law, the leading private limited firm has come up with a team of experienced immigration lawyers who will assist you so that you can easily get the UK visa of your choice.

The assistance provided by Andrew Solicitors with the help of professional immigration lawyer is amazing. The leading immigration and visa assistance firm helps you with the necessary paperwork that will be required to ensure that your application meets the immigration requirements. Immigration lawyers from AW Solicitors provide you with the specialist advice and representation on all aspects of immigration laws and matters. Experienced immigration lawyers, advisers and solicitors spare no effort in providing completing assistance with necessary paper work.

Our immigration lawyers and advisers as well as solicitors are experienced Immigration representatives with over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience of all Immigration and Asylum matters. We provide our clients and migrants with a comprehensive service second to none that includes representation in the High Court and advocacy before Immigration Tribunals.

If you want your proposed application to be dealt with by one experienced representative or immigration lawyer throughout the whole process then you should speak to us. We are a fast growing name in the UK offering specialist advice and representation.

Call:  0845 2001958 now to arrange a telephone or a one to one consultation with one of specialist Immigration lawyers.

Our website contains some information regarding UK Immigration Rules and Regulations. However, we do not provide general immigration advice on our website as this information can be obtained from the Home Office Website which is If you require speficic advice related to your immigration problems then you are in the right place.


What ever legal support you need, our open and approachable advisers are there to provide straight forward advice. Our approach delivers cheaper, quicker and simply more valuable relationships, relationships that are less likely to go wrong. If you cannot see the area on our website in which you would like advice, please call us and we will be pleased to help. If you are interested in obtaining some initial advice, or require further assistance why not fill in our Immigration enquiry form.


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Remember !! We are an experienced firm of Immigraton Solicitors providing cost effective immigration solutions for all our clients. If you need good advice on any immigration related matter then we would be happy to arrange either a telephone consultation, email consultation or a one to one consultation at one of our offices.

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