UK Partner Application

UK Partner Application

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This legal pack is used to make a family life application under the partner route. You can apply under this category if you are the partner of British citizens, or a person with indefinite leave to remain in the UK or limited leave to remain under Appendix EU or Appendix ECAA, who wish to join, or stay with their partner in the UK. If you are applying under this category, you must show that you meet all the requirements and provide the relevant evidence to support your application.

Our legal pack contains the following documents:

  • DIY application steps
  • Document Checklist
  • Submissions/application letter
  • Example online application
  • Self-checking assessment tool
  • Application tips & guidance material

Our submissions/application letter that is broken down into helpful sections dealing with such things as your background information, basis of your application, the rules you need to meet and how you meet them. It is designed specifically to provide the required personal information, your immigration history and other important information to support your application. It is easy to follow and therefore easy to amend to your own specific needs. It also contains examples of what important information needs to be included and where that information needs to go. Our self-checking assessment tool is designed to provide further self-help by explaining in greater detail each section of your submissions/application letter. Once you understanding what should include and why it will help you to carefully scrutinize your own application before you submit it.

This legal pack product contains everything you need to make your own application. It has been prepared by and is currently used by our experienced Immigration Lawyers to make successful applications for our clients. The legal pack submissions/application letter contains red text. The red text indicates where you are required to provide information. All you need to do is follow our ‘DIY application steps’. And that is it, you won’t need to do anything else. It really is that simple!