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Please note that you can only become one of our legal plan members if you are happy to accept our terms of use. You can read further details about our terms HERE >>.

Our employer legal plan has been developed so that you get everything you need and more to help you grow your business without the burden of overly worrying about your statutory obligations under immigration legislation

Our Retainers make sense

We all know that the Immigration Rules change on a regular basis and that makes it difficult for everyone to keep up. BUT with our legal plans we do the keeping up for you.

Here is what you get for your MONEY!!!



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Speak to an Immigration adviser for free - (1 every 6 months)

We know that there are times when you just need a second opinion or just some re-assurance that what you are about to do is the right thing. Well under this package  you get to speak to an experienced Immigration adviser on your terms not just once but twice a year for free. Get advice on how to maintain your SMS account.

If you need advice more than twice in 12 months then simply book a further appointment when it is convenient for you. Your basic retainer package provides you with 10% discount on all telephone advice appointments,  after you have used your two free ones. So if you need more, then simply book more.

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Application Checking Service - (10% off)

Our Application Checking service is designed to provide help and guidance on completing your own application. If you need further clarification on how to complete your own application or you just want a second opinion then we can help. We can arrange for an experienced immigration adviser to check your application and provide independent advice.

Under this retainer you will receive a 10% discount every time you purchase our application checking service.

We would recommend using our Application Checking service if you have prepared your own application. We think it makes sense to double check that they have covered all the important parts of their application.


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News letters, blogs and learning material - (unrestricted access)

As part of your employers retainer package you will receive unlimited access to updates on important Immigration Rules and European Regulation changes that may affect them or their family members. You have have unlimited access to the Home Office SMS Guidance material through your own account.

You will also have unlimited access to our exclusive immigration related news letters, blogs and training material. Such topic to include 'How can an employer manage their legal responsibilities to avoid being fined?' and 'Make a successful immigration application yourself and save hundreds of pounds'.


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Important immigration related news alerts - (unlimited)

You know that it is very important to keep up with any immigration news and rule changes that may have a baring on you or your family. However, actually doing it is another matter because there are so many changes introduced each year and that makes it very difficult to keep up with everything.

Under our employers retainer package you will receive email alerts on anything to do with important UK Immigration or European law matters that we think you need to be made aware of because it could have a direct impact on your business.

We may also provide alerts on any rule change that may not affect you as an employer directly but may have some impact indirectly because of your employee(s) immigration status.   We may also alert you on any Home Office fee increases and application form updates.

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Discounted immigration services - (Unlimited)

One of the benefits in holding a retainer is that you get to save even more on the full range of immigration services. In fact you will receive a discount of 10% off our already competitive applications and services prices. You will also receive the same discount on any new applications or services we introduce to our range later provided you continue to hold one of our retainer packages at the time the new application or service is introduced.

As a retainer client you will also be notified of any important immigration updates on recently purchased items. You should however note that the discount you receive maybe limited to a one time purchase on a specific application or service such as telephone advice within a 6 month time period.



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24/7 access to your Employers resources area and business account - (unlimited)

You will have your own exclusive members area where you will have access to all your purchased items for as long as you remain a plan member.  You can purchase discounted products and services from your members area. Your members area is totally managed by you which means you can see all your subscriptions  and associated benefits in one place.

We have also introduced a notes field area where you can make notes about anything important or leave notes for someone you nominate to have access to your account. You can also manage your accounts settings from within your members area. You can update your password, change your address or just keep a track on all your purchases. Remember you have exclusive access to your members area 24/7.

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See an Immigration Adviser - (free appointments or 10% discount off)

If you need to see an immigration adviser urgently because you have something important to discuss, then you can use one of  the two free advice appointments for that purpose. Face to face appointments can be very useful when you just need that extra reassurance your not breaking the law. 
Remember seeing an immigration adviser will also help you to focus on what you what to achieve by having that appointment and when. It will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you want confidentially.
If you need more than two face to face appointments within 12 months then simply book a further appointment when it is convenient for you. Your basic retainer also provides you with 10% discount on all consultation appointments. So if you need more, then simply book more.
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Civil Penalty assessment tool and video tutorials- (24/7 unlimited use)

We have designed our own Civil Penalty assessment tool . It is is a useful and powerful tool that has been designed to provide employers with self-help.  It is designed to collect relevant information and data from the employer with a view to determine if the employer could be liable for a civil penalty for failure to comply with UK Visa and Immigration codes of practice.  It achieves this result by determining whether the employer is currently complying with all the legislation regarding employing migrants.

If you are not complying then you could be liable for a civil penalty of up to £20,000 per illegal worker. Our assessment tools are designed to be used as a reference point for guidance purposes only. Please read our full terms of use <HERE>.

All our tools are exclusive to Andrew Williams Solicitors clients.  Your employers retainer package will give you free access to this tool 24/7.

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4 Animated explainer videos prepared by our experienced Immigration Solicitors - (unlimited access)

To succeed in business you need to keep your best staff?

Employing migrant workers can make all the difference to your business. If you lose your sponsorship licence then your business could really suffer.  Especially, if you mistakenly employ someone without permission to work and receive a large Civil Penalty as a result.  Why take the risk?  Get to grips with your responsibilities now and don't run the risk of damaging or losing your business.

Our tutorials will help to keep you on top of your legal responsibilities as an employer of migrant workers. The Sponsorship Management System is complex, but with the help of our tutorials you can take control and keep your licence.

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