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Employing foreign workers can make all the difference to the success of your business. If you lose part of your work force for whatever reason then your business could really suffer. Also, if you mistakenly employ someone or a group of people without the correct permission to work in the UK, then you could receive a large Civil Penalty and damage your businesses reputation as a result

Why take the risk?

Ensure that your staff have got to grips with your immigration legal responsibilities by instructing us to independently assess and monitor your immigration compliance practices. We have already helped many businesses to bring their immigration compliance practices in line with their legislative obligations as an employer of foreign nationals. We can also help you. Don’t run the risk of damaging or losing your business.

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We utilise our own bespoke in-house cloud-based immigration compliance software known as the Business and Compliance Management System (BACMS)

Our software regularly monitors visa and passport expiration dates and creates automated compliance workflows and compliance calendar events. Our automated workflows can create follow up tasks for each account manager and business managers assigned to your business, which means there is always at least two managers monitoring your immigration compliance responsibilities.

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25% Off - Business Immigration Legal Services

As a business retainer client you will benefit from our exclusive discounts on all our immigration services, including specialist immigration advice. Over time our discounted services can really add up but they can also be a real benefit when you or a member of staff needs legal assistance. If you need to see an immigration adviser urgently because you have something important to discuss, then you can use your membership benefits to gain exclusive access to one of experienced immigration advisers at short notice. You can even book an urgent one to one appointment or if you wish a telephone appointment can also be arranged.

Priority Access To Our Specialist Immigration Team (Additional Service)

Employing and retaining foreign workers can make all the difference to the success of your business. If you lose your sponsorship licence or have to pay a large civil penalty then your business and business reputation could really suffer. Mistakenly employing someone without permission to work in the UK is not a statutory excuse. Why take the risk? Get to grips with your legal responsibilities by having exclusive access to our dedicated business immigration team. Our team of experts are available to help you manage and keep on top of your UK immigration compliance responsibilities.

Regulatory Risks (Retainer Service)

We can help you achieve your business strategic goals in a safe environment free from risk associated with non-compliance of regulatory restrictions imposed by sections 15 to 25 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (the 2006 Act). You could be sent to jail for 5 years and might have to pay a civil penalty (fine) of up to £20,000 (increased to £60,000 starting in 2024) for each illegal worker found working illegally within your business. Employers now have a duty to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out prescribed document checks on people before employing them to ensure they are lawfully allowed to work. An employers obligations under the Act continue even after the employee has left their employment. We can help you carry out the correct checks.

Compliance Assessment (Retainer Service)

Understanding the threats and risks relevant to your business or organisation is crucial. Our bespoke services are designed to help you or your HR department(s) understand what the threat to your business is and how to overcome that threat. We can help you discover what the most critical areas are within your business environment and then provide effective methodology to determine the level of exposure. Regardless of what is identified our compliance account managers and our BACMS software are designed to help quantify any problems so we can work together to solve them. Our overall goals are to ensure you have in place software, practices and policies that meet your legislative responsibilities regardless of the number of migrants you employ.

Off Site Monitoring Services (Retainer Service)

Our BACMS software enables us to closely monitor your current and future non-compliance risk. With the help of our software we can provide an effective monitoring system that has been designed to protect your business. We can deploy various safeguards to ensure that you don’t get caught out. Most organisations aren’t aware of a breach until it’s too late, but our BACMS bespoke software enables us to quickly identify whether a breach has occurred or if it is about to occur. Our bespoke software uses cron date and time scheduled events to collect and analyse compliance data from your migrant workers so we can monitor the level of risk your business or organisation is exposed to. Contact us to discuss how we can help you avoid a £60,000 penalty per illegal worker or help with your immigration compliance practices.

Dedicated Account Manager (Retainer Service)

Your business will be allocated a dedicated account manager who will provide professional support as and when you need it most. Our account managers are experienced immigration solicitors and caseworkers that can provide independent advice on any business immigration matter. As your dedicated account manager he or she will make every effort to understand your business immigration needs. They will work with you to achieve both your short and long term business goals. Building a good business relationship with your account manager will inevitably help you to set up compliant systems and practices that suit your business needs.

Unannounced HR Compliance Visits (Additional Service Fee)

If you have genuine concerns about your compliance practices then we would recommend a unannounced independent on-site audit. Our audits are comprehensive, in fact we will assess your business the same way a UK Border Force Immigration Compliance Offer would. We will interview managers, supervisors and employees to determine whether a breach has occurred or is likely to occur in the new future. We will formulate our findings and prepare an independent report on how your business has performed. Where required we will provide advice on how practices can be improved to ensure compliance.

HR Risk Analysis Reports (Additional Service Fee)

We will prepare a detailed onsite risk report when completing an independent audit on your behalf. We can also prepare an off-site risk analysis report. Both report types will contain data relating to the overall compliance risk associated with your business practices. Your report will include information highlighting potential threats, vulnerabilities and or risky HR practices that could expose your business to bad press or large civil penalties. Your report will also contain a compliance risk score of anything between 1 – 10. Ten being very high risk. Where necessary your report will contain practical advice on what should be done to improve your score to meet your legal responsibilities as an employer of foreign nationals.

Timmy Addo

I wasted time and money on other solicitors which yield no result until I met AW Immigration Solicitors. I got the positive response from the home office. I use to be illegal migrant but today I can confidently say I have a legal status. Thanks to AW Solicitors. I will highly recommend them for you for you immigration issues.

Timmy Addo

Luis Nkutixi

I want to thanks Andrew and Lucinda for a great job to look after my case..

Luis Nkutixi

Arnaud G. J.

Before I contacted AW Immigration Solicitor My case was in a very bad state meaning I was about to be deported with my family so a friend referred me to AW and their adviced me to put forward a fresh claim which I did with all the support from AW their helped me put my claim in the proper order and within a month I received a positive outcome my family and I received our leave to remain in the United Kingdom after being here in the UK for nearly 20 years illegally. I thank God for using AW to grant us our residents permit.

Arnaud G. J.

Nadz Campbell

I am very grateful for the help I always received from Andrew Williams. His services exceeds my expectation. I'm now settled in the UK, and about to be a British citizen in few months. Would strongly recommend his services. Thank you for your great work.

Nadz Campbell

Marget Secka

I will recommend this farm to anyone the require a positive outcome the are friendly ,patient and easy to talk to. The never give up on there clients the whole team is very professional dedicated and ready to help at all times. I cannot recommend the enough. Thanks to to whole team AWS

Marget Secka

Aaron friend

Firstly I would like to thank Andrew and his team for their hard work. My wife arrived in the UK after the EU deadline and we desperately needed a solicitor who would help and tell me how it is. Andrew is a professional and fantastic solicitor and his platform was easy to use to Upload documents. After the home office dragged their feet we managed today to get the decision. I can’t thank you enough and would recommend his services to anyone in an immigration dilemma. Thanks again!

Aaron friend

Sylvia O.

A friend recommended to me. I have use their services for my immigration matters for 8 years. They've have helped me to meet my immigration needs even when things seemed impossible.

Sylvia O.

We were referred to Andrew Williams Solicitors (AWS) after making several unsuccessful applications to obtained a Tier 5 Sponsorship Licence. I booked a consultation with Andrew to discuss our case.

Church Organisation
Sponsorship Licence

Restaurant Chain

We have worked with Andrew Williams Solicitors (AWS) for around 4 years now on both personal and business related matters. Our business used to rely quite heavily on temporary members of staff.

Restaurant Chain
Outsourcing Immigration Compliance

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  • Advice on your statutory immigration obligations.
  • Advice on managing your Sponsorship Licence.
  • Help checking and monitoring your migrant’s immigration status.
  • Advice on when you need to report activity to the Home Office.
  • Help checking a migrant’s right to live and work in the UK.
  • Dedicated, experienced immigration Account Manager.

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  • Get to know your legal responsibilities and manage them.
  • Get prepared for a Home Office Compliance Officer visit.
  • Learn how to keep the Compliance Officer happy.
  • Avoid a costly Civil Penalty for employing illegal workers.
  • Keep your ‘A’ rating immigration sponsor licence.
  • Share Code acquisition and right to work checks.