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FAQ - What does my account page contain?

  • My Details
    On this tab, you will have access to your personal information that you entered during the registration process. To edit any of the fields, you  simply need to click the entry box, make any edits, and then click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Subscriptions
    You can review all your associated subscription information here This tab will show active or inactive subscriptions that are either automatically recurring or one-time payment type subscriptions with limited access. Subscription information will include the following headings: Membership, Subscription, Active,  Created and Expires. On the membership tab you can click on the name of the service(s) you purchased and it will take you to the relevant product or service page.
  • Payments
    The Payments tab of the account page is used to show all payments that you have made through our online portal. The following columns will be shown: Date – this column will show the date that the payment was made. Total – this column will show the total price (if any) of the payment (including any taxes paid out).  Membership – this column will show the name of the membership, product or service the payment was for.  Method – this column will show the name of the payment method used to make the payment. Status – this column will show the status of the payment transaction. Options are Complete, Pending, or Failed.  Invoice – this column will show your unique transaction ID for the payment.
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