Document Checklist For Naturalisation As An Spouse Of A British National – 3 Year Route [Section 6 (2)]


DIY UK has prepared a suggested list of key documentation for all application types. They are designed to assist you with the application process. Some of the items are required documents and others are what we would call “best practice document ion”. You should aim to provide as many of the documents listed as possible.

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  • Description


    This product is an immigration document checklist that is normally used to accompany an Nationality application for  naturalisation as a spouse – 3 year route. It is designed specifically to provide you with information on what documents you will need to provide the Home Office. the document checklist is broken down into helpful sections such as identity documents showing that your exercising your treaty rights in the UK. This premium document checklist that has been prepared by and used by experienced Immigration Lawyers to make successful applications for their own clients. The document checklist is simple to use.