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Immigration Advice in Leeds

When it comes to having a good understanding of all the immigration rules, policies and regulations, very few people will profess to have that knowledge. This is because it is truly one of the most complicated areas of law and as a result of this, the general public and even immigration advisers often get things wrong. How can you avoid getting things wrong? Well the obvious way is to get the right advice before you make your application.   When choosing an Immigration advisor, you should decide on whether you want advice from an actual Solicitor or Lawyer or someone just regulated by the OISC.   


If you want advice from a qualified Immigration Solicitor or Immigration Lawyer, we advise you to ensure that they are actually fully qualified, registered and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We would also advise you to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge suited to the type of immigration advice you need assistance with.  Don’t be afraid to ask your intended Solicitor or advisor questions about their track record. You should ask them how many cases they have dealt with that are similar to yours and on average what their success rate with these cases is. Also, you could ask them what they will do to get your application approved or to win your appeal.  


If you are not overly happy with their answers then don't proceed with them. It is important you trust your gut instinct and find another Immigration Solicitor or Immigration Lawyer that you feel is best to solve your problem.  


Immigration Lawyer 

We are confident that we can provide the right kind of advice for you. We believe this because we have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of immigration cases. We are well established and recognised as one of the best Immigration Lawyers in Leeds.


We can deal with matters from the initial application stage right through to Judicial Review in the High Court or Upper Tribunal.  Our practice has been providing immigration advice in Leeds for over 10 years. So we can honestly say ‘we know our stuff’.  If you are still not convinced we are the right firm for you, then book either a one to one meeting or a telephone consultation for which you will have to pay a small consultation fee of £50. If your not happy with the advice given then simply state the reasons and we will refund the fee.

Call:  0113 2441911 now to arrange a telephone or a one to one consultation with one of specialist Immigration Advice Lawyers.  


What ever legal support you need, our open and approachable immigration advisers are there to provide straight forward immigration advice. If you are interested in obtaining some initial advice, or require further assistance why not fill in our Immigration enquiry form. 

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