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So what's the deal?

Our group plans are ideal for businesses and organisations that have a number of members who can benefit directly from having discounted access to specialist immigration services. Our retainer plan has been developed so that your members get everything they need to extend their stay in the UK when they need it most. Most importantly, your members can now afford to get specialist immigration help at an affordable rate. They no longer have to find and instruct expensive immigration lawyers who actually don't have the requisite skills.

This plan has different fee structures depending upon how many members you want to assign benefits too.

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Group membership packages include the following benefits:

Discounted Legal Services - 20% Off

As a BIP member you or your members will benefit from our exclusive discounts on all our immigration services. Over time our discounted services can really add up. The discounts and other exclusive member services can really make a difference to your members. If you or one of your members need to see or speak to a specialist immigration adviser urgently, then you can use your membership to gain exclusive access to one of experienced immigration advisers at short notice.  Members can use their discount for any immigration related services, such as getting help to prepare and submit their own application. You can even book an urgent one to one appointment.

24/7 Access To Our Private Immigration Portal

Employing foreign workers can make all the difference to your business. If you lose your sponsorship licence or have to pay a large civil penalty for employing someone without the correct permission to work then your business and business reputation could suffer.  Mistakenly employing someone without permission to work in the UK is not a statutory excuse.  Why take the risk?  We can help you get to grips with your legal responsibilities by providing specialist immigration services when you or your members need it most.  Our private immigration portal has been designed to help us meet our client’s specific immigration needs.

24/7 Access To Our Immigration Resources Area

Our Business Immigration Packages (BIPs) have been developed so that you and your members get everything you/they need and more but at a competitive price.  Our immigration portal will give you access to all our specialist immigration resources in one place. It will help you or your members manage your immigration responsibilities more effectively. Also having only one point of reference means you and your members can spend more time reading and less time searching. More importantly,  you or your members can make specific requests on what should be included within our portal to help you and your members manage your legal responsibilities more effectively.

Application Checking Service - 20% Off

Our Application Checking Service (ACS) is designed to provide self-help and guidance on completing your own immigration application. If you or your members need further clarification on how to complete your own application or you just want a second opinion then we can help. We can arrange for an experienced immigration adviser to check your application and provide independent advice. Your group membership means you and your members will receive a 20% discount every time they purchase our ACS. We would recommend using our ACS if you or your members have prepared your own applications. We think it makes sense to double check that you have covered all the important parts of the application process.

News letters, blogs and Self-help material

As part of your group package your you and your group members will receive access to updates on important Immigration Rules and European Regulation changes that may affect you, your members or their family members. You will also have access to immigration related news letters, blogs and self-help material. Such topic to include ‘How to Represent Yourself in an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal’ and Make a Successful Immigration Application Yourself and Save Hundreds of Pounds.  Group members will also have limited access to on-demand learning material and will receive email alerts on anything to do with important UK Immigration or European law matters that may have a direct impact on them.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account management will provide professional support as and when you need it most. Our account managers are experienced immigration solicitors and caseworkers that can provide independent advice when you need it.  As your account manager he or she will make every effort to understand your business immigration needs. They will work with you to achieve both your short and long term business immigration goals. Ultimately, your account manager will provide guidance and support for both you and your members.  Building a good business relationship with your account manager allows you to set up compliant systems and practices that suit both your business and your members specific needs.


Help your staff or members by retaining our services for them. Remember happy staff are productive staff.  Relieve your organisational pressures by helping your members gain access to specialist immigration help at an affordable price.

Strategies to increase staff moral and business productivity:
  • Develop new working practices – survey your staff to see what they would like;
  • Recognise their successes – reward positive contributions;
  • Keeping good employees – they can help grow your business;
  • Recognise their successes – reward positive contributions;
  • Increase staff productivity – by appreciating their efforts.

Get Your Time Back And Grow Your Business

  • Relieve the burden of statutory obligations under the immigration rules.
  • Help managing your staff and sponsorship licence.
  • Get important immigration related news alerts.
  • Get help with our animated explainer videos.
  • Get discounted specialist immigration services.
  • Get a dedicated, experienced Account Manager.

Employ Foreign Nationals Without Breaking The Law

  • Get to know your legal responsibilities and manage them.
  • Get prepared for a Home Office Compliance Officer visit.
  • Learn how to keep the Compliance Officer happy.
  • Learn how to avoid a costly Civil Penalty for employing illegal workers.
  • Learn how to keep your ‘A’ rating sponsor licence.
  • Enhanced SMS support for your organisation.

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