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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Take a look at our FAQs, you might find we have already provided a response to your question.  If not, you can ask us any questions you would like  HERE!

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About Andrew Williams Solicitors (6)

We are DIY UK Immigration Services Limited and we provide tried and tested UK Immigration application templates, products and services at prices you can afford.

Andrew Williams Solicitors is a solicitors practice that specialises in UK immigration matters. We are registered with the Solicitors Registration Authority. We are experts in all areas of immigration law and offer expert advice and representation to individual businesses both large and small organisations.

We can help you if you are seeking to apply to come to the United Kingdom for any Immigration related purpose or if you are already in the UK with or without leave to remain and want to apply to either extend your stay or regularise your status.

We can help you if you are business or organisation on a number of matters. We offer help and representation if you are a business or organisation that has been served with a civil penalty for employing a migrant who does not have the right to work in the UK, as well as providing advice for businesses and organisation who employ migrant workers with information regarding what procedures and checks need to be carried out on your employees to ensure that they have the right to work in the UK preventing you being served with a civil penalty. We can also deal with matters such as, applying or renewing a sponsorship licence and assisting with any current or prospective employees who need to renew or make an initial business-related immigration application.

We can help you if you are an employer or landlord. For instances if you are planning to apply for a Tier 2 or Tier 5 Sponsorship licence then we can help. We can provide advice as well as video tutorials for both employers and landlords on avoiding getting a civil penalty for employing an illegal worker or renting to someone who does not have permission to rent in the UK.

Yes, if you would like any further information about our company or the services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are having any issues with using our site or you just want to get in touch with us,  you can contact newinfo@awsolicitors.co.uk or call 01132441911.

About our products (3)

Once you have selected the document checklist that you want you can simply add to your shopping cart by using the “add to basket” button which will be located under each product. You don’t need to have an account to purchase an item just proceed to checkout. If you have a free account or signed up to one of our legal plans then please sign in at checkout. At the end of the checkout process you will be asked to submit your card details for the payment.  Your payment will be taken through a secure PayPal checkout.

After the payment has been received you will receive a download link to download the template you have purchased. Your purchased item will also be held in your “my account” area of our website. However, only 20 purchased items can be stored there at any one time.

You will have access to download your document checklist as soon as it has been purchased.

We change our document checklists in line with the Home office updates, significant rule changes and when we feel that the product needs developing further.

About our services (7)

You would order a service the same way as a product.  Selected the service you require and add the item(s) to your shopping cart by using the “add to basket” or book now button which is easily identifiable on the service item you intend to purchase.  After the payment has been received you will gain access to the service either immediately or on a specified date and time that you have chosen.

You can book either an in-office or telephone consultation either by calling us directly on 01132441911 or by booking online through our website. You can book online by firstly, selecting service “telephone advice” or “see a lawyer” option from the main menu and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you have booked your consultation over the telephone you can cancel your consultation by simply contacting the office on 0113244191. If you booked your appointment online simply go to your Account area and then select bookings. Click on the order number and then check the status of your booking and select cancel to cancel the appointment.

Yes. If you want to instruct the lawyer privately to help you with your application then you should speak to the lawyer about that during your appointment.

Yes. If you want to book for more than one person then you can but we only have a limited appointment available per day, so you may find that the appointments have to be on different days.

Generally, our solicitors will be able to advise individuals on their immigration matter within the 30-minute consultation time. However, business and organisations will need to book a 1-hour appointment to ensure that there is enough time to discuss the case. If you are an individual and require more time than 30 minutes, you should book two appointment times.

Yes. You can purchase an appointment time that suits you. When you select the telephone advice product you can then choose your Telephone Advice Type from the drop-down menu. Carefully select an appointment date and time that suits your needs.

About our website (1)

Our website is designed to work on all current versions of internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, chrome and Safari. If you are experiencing any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us.

Memberships (5)

If you have lost your username or password and have tried without success to reset them then you can contact us at customercare@diyukimmigrationservices.com. We will reset your login details for your. Please provide your full name and telephone number in your email to us.

Category: Memberships

No. You do not have to become a legal plan member to make a purchase.  You can either set up a free account and purchase the service or product of your choice or make your purchase first and a free account will automatically be created for you.  We would however,  recommend having a look at our plans, as a plan will save you money in the long run. To find out more about our legal plans click here.

Category: Memberships

Yes. You can become a member of more than on legal plan. For example, you may want to hold the employers legal plan for your business and the group legal plan for your staff.

Category: Memberships

Yes, you are not tied to a contract. You can cancel your membership at any time and re-join later if you like.

Category: Memberships

You can find out more about our membership plans by selecting legal plans next to services on the bottom of the main menu. Then at the bottom of that page select the legal plan you are interested in to read about that specific plan.

Category: Memberships

Payments and refunds (2)

We use PayPal for any payment using our website. We cannot accept any other forms of payments when purchasing our products and services through our website.

We operate a refund policy that shall, at all times, be subject to our discretion. Any client wishing to receive a refund should contact us for further information.

Templates and editing (1)

Yes. We offer two types of checking services, online, through digital upload or by having an in-office appointment.

  1. Online digital upload.

You can have your application checked by a solicitor without having to come into the office. Simple go onto our website click “Application checking services” then Application checking service –“digital upload”. You can upload the application from the billing page or upon confirmation of your purchase. If you need help doing this you can contact us on 01132441911.


  1. In-office checking service

We also offer an in-office application checking services. You can book this service either online or by arranging an appointment by telephone.


Your account (8)

You can reset your password in your “My Account” area.

Category: Your account

Once you have purchase a product, service or legal membership plan you can view the detail of your purchases, your subscriptions on the ‘My Account’ page after you have logged in.
My Account gives you access to your billing addresses, order history and other account details. If you are a legal plan member you can also view your subscriptions, subscriptions status, payment date and all your member benefits. Including, exclusive member content.

Category: Your account

To view your subscription, go to My Account > View Subscription.
What will I be able to view in my subscriptions?
• Status of subscription
• Start date, trial end, next payment and end date
• Recurring totals (i.e. the total amount charged each renewal)
• Payment method
• Order history, including the original order used to purchase the subscription
• contact email and phone number

Category: Your account

Go to My Account > View Subscription page. You will then be able to make the following actions;
• Cancel or Suspend an active subscription
• Reactivate a suspended subscription
• Resubscribe an expired or cancelled subscription
• Pay for a renewal order when the automatic recurring payment failed or the subscription uses manual renewals
• Change the Payment Method used for automatic recurring payments

Category: Your account

On occasion, a renewal order may need payment either because:
• manual renewal payment is required
• last automatic renewal payment failed

If payment is required on the renewal order for a subscription, a Pay button is also displayed next to the order under Recent Orders of both the My Account > View Subscription page and the My Account page.

The Pay action is only displayed when:
• Order has a status requiring payment. By default, it is on-hold or pending, but can be customised;
• Subscription is on hold or pending, as this also signifies the subscription has not been manually reactivated by a store manager despite payment not being collected for the renewal order.
• Clicking the Pay button in the subscription actions or order actions will direct the customer through a normal checkout process to pay for the subscription’s renewal. Once payment is completed for the renewal order, the subscription will be reactivated.
• If the payment is to make up for a automatic recurring payment that previously failed, Subscriptions will attempt to update the payment method on the subscription so that future recurring payments will use the new payment method rather than the failing payment method. However, this is only possible with payment gateways which support Recurring Payment Method Changes.

Category: Your account

To change the address used for all subscriptions, the customer needs to:
1. Go to their My Account page.
2. Select the Edit link next to the shipping or billing address.
3. Enter the new address details in the form.
4. Tick the checkbox: Update the address used for all of my active subscriptions.
5. Save Address

Category: Your account

You can this be selecting the Change Payment Method button can be used update the payment method for future recurring payments, e.g., When a your credit card expires, or they want to use a different credit card than the one you currently have on file.
Change Recurring Payment Process
To change the payment method used for a subscription, the customer would:
1. Select the Change Payment Method button next to a subscription.
2. Enter the new payment details on the Checkout > Pay page.
3. Submit the Checkout > Pay form and returns to the My Account page where a confirmation message says that the payment method has been updated

Category: Your account

It’s not always possible, or necessary, for a customer to be able to change the recurring payment method on a subscription. As a result, the Change Payment Method button is only displayed if a subscription:
• Has the status of active
• Requires automatic recurring payments. Changing a payment method for manual renewals is unnecessary as the customer can choose a payment method for each recurring payment.
• Site is not in Staging Mode. In Staging Mode all subscriptions are treated as requiring manual renewal to avoid duplicate payments.
• Uses a payment gateway that supports cancelling the subscription
• Has at least one future automatic payment scheduled. There is no need to change a payment method if no payments will occur.

Category: Your account