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All our services are undertaken by experienced UK Immigration lawyers or caseworkers. We know you want the right advice when you need it. That is why we only allow our most experienced UK immigration lawyers and caseworkers to provide advice.


Making any type of UK Immigration application is expensive. But we believe we have developed the right mix of business services to help you achieve your ultimate goals. Why not book an appointment to see or speak to one of our experienced business immigration lawyers or caseworkers.



Speaking to an immigration lawyer will help you to focus on what you what to achieve and how. Before you speak to one of our lawyers you should prepare a list of all the questions you would like to ask. During your consultation you may think of further questions, so have a pen and paper at hand to make a note of the further questions so you don't forget.

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Our business retainer packages make sense because as a member you will gain access to our tailored newsletters, blogs, discounts and training material all year round. So if you need to or want to keep up with UK Immigration Rules and European Regulations that may affect your business then retain our services. You will not be tied into a lengthy contract so you can cancel your retainer at any time. Retainer members get notified first when we introduce new services.

As a specific retainer member you will have access to your own member area. Your exclusive member area is dedicated to your specific needs. So if you are a employer that employs migrant workers then your member area will contain discounted services that will help you manage your migrant staff more effectively. If you hold our group retainer package then you will have access to exclusive member benefits that you can assign to your designated group members such as your staff.

You will also have 24/7 access to your exclusive member area. As a retainer package holder you will receive 3 free telephone advice consultations per year with an experienced Immigration Lawyer so you can discuss any UK Immigration related matter when you need to. See specific retainer packages for further details on what's included.

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  • Implement effective checking and monitoring practices
  • We can help you obtain and maintain  your Sponsorship Licence
  • Avoid breaking the law for employing illegal workers
  • Grow your business without any Immigration worries

Check out our business retainer packages that can be used as comprehensive support for your business or organisation. <click here to see whats on offer>.

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