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My name is Andrew Williams, and I am a qualified immigration solicitor who has specialised in private UK immigration work for more than 20 years.

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Welcome to Andrew Williams Solicitors – Our Specialist Area of Law is UK Immigration

Andrew Williams Solicitors is now a digital immigration law firm. You can now buy legal help services from us without being one of our clients. You can also buy our DIY legal packs and make your own immigration application.  So if you are looking for an easier and cheaper way to make your UK immigration application?  If so, you should buy one of our legal packs and do it yourself with our help.  We can provide everything you need and our DIY guide will help you to navigate through the whole application process, step by step.

looking for an easier and cheaper way to get help making your UK immigration application?

Then why not do it yourself?  We can provide everything you need to make your own application. We will guide you through the whole application process step by step.

What do we provide?
  • DIY Legal Packs
  • DIY Tips & Guidance Material
  • Traditional Legal Services
  • Legal Help Services
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How Our 'DIY Legal Packs' Work?
1 - Make You Selection

Under select your immigration service below you will see four blue tabs. Select ‘DIY Legal Packs’. Under ‘Select Your Legal Pack  Category’ select the immigration category that fits the type of application you intend to make. Then select the individual application and purchase that legal pack.

2 - Answer Assessment Questions

Answer our assessment questions during the checkout process. Your answers are reviewed by our immigration team who may advise you to purchase an alternative legal pack that better fits your personal circumstances. Our team will contact you if they identify an issue with your chosen legal pack.

3 - Make Your Application

We will email the correct legal pack to you within 48 hours of your purchase.  Your legal pack contains six documents as detailed below.  Please read the contents of your legal pack carefully before completing your application. For best results please following the application steps in the order listed.

How Does Our 'Traditional Legal Services' Work?
Make You Selection

If you want to instruct us to represent you, create a normal Solicitor client relationship where we prepare your full application on your behalf then select ‘Fixed Fee Services’.  If you still wish to proceed then please contact us to provide initial instructions about your proposed application.

Booking Process

Our application process is simple to follow. Once we receive your legal fees we will send you our initial instructions questionnaire and start the full application process on your behalf.  Your application is reviewed at each processing stage before it is submitted to you for approval.

Final Approval

What does final approval mean?  It means your application will not be submitted until it has been approved by one of our senior lawyers. If our lawyers identify any issues that need addressing your application will not be approved for submission until all outstanding issues have been rectified.

How Does Our 'Legal Help Services' Work?
Make You Selection

If you need specialist immigration advice or you would like our lawyers to check your application before you submit it (AWS checking service) then select ‘Legal Help Services’.

Payment Process

Under ‘Legal Help Services’ select the legal help service you require. Read the service description to ensure you are purchasing the correct service and purchase that service.

Booking & Delivery Of Service

You will be contact by a member of our team who will agree a service time, date and delivery method with you. Checking service clients must upload their documents 24 hours before the agreed delivery date.

What do our legal packs contain?

You will receive a detailed application cover letter containing all legal and background information required as evidence of your qualifications.

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What is a cover letter? Cover letter, template letter, legal template and submissions letter are just some of the names used to describe the most important application document. Our lawyers prefer to call this a cover letter and have done so for more than 17 years. Your cover letter is what really sets your application apart from all others, and a good one will detail everything important about your application. It will include your background information and details about how you meet specific immigration rules, tackling any complicated issues head-on. Entry clearance officers and Home Office decision makers will always consider all additional information contained within a well-written cover letter. As the most powerful weapon in any reputable immigration lawyer’s armoury, everything you detail therein can make or break your application .


You will receive a document checklist outlining exactly which documents to provide as proof that you can meet relevant immigration rules.

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Knowing which exact documents to include with your application is very important. Therefore, a comprehensive checklist listing all crucial and required documents is nothing short of priceless. One primary reason for many visa refusals is a failure to provide all the necessary documents, and we believe employing a comprehensive checklist at the beginning of the process will help the applicant understand how the decision maker will view his or her application. One of our experienced immigration solicitors—an expert with over 20 years of experience preparing UK immigration applications—prepares all of our document checklists.


You will gain access to our lawyers’ tried, tested and easy-to-follow application steps guide that contains everything you need to know.

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Want to know what the full application steps are from start to finish?  Our easy to follow application steps guide will simplify the whole process for you.  All you have to do is follow the detailed steps and complete your own application.  Then if you want that extra peace of mind just book our application checking service and we will review your application.


Follow the instructions contained within our self-checking assessment tool to ensure you completed your application template correctly.

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Our assessment tool contains important information about our cover letters, will help you complete your own professional cover letter and will also aid your understanding regarding additional information you may need to provide. Broken down further, each component of our assessment tool contains a summary of the text found in each section of our cover letter: including an explanation of what the content is and why it is required. Our self-checking assessment tool uses a real cover letter to illustrate exactly how you should complete your own.


You will receive a sample online application to demystify what it looks like and the processes involved in preparing and submitting your own.

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We provide an example of a completed online application form not because it should be prepared in a specific manner but to demystify what it looks like and the processes involved in preparing and submitting your own. It’s in fact not difficult to complete your own online application provided that you have all required information at hand before diving into the process. On average, we suggest you allocate at least 1.5 hours to fully prepare your online application. However, if you’re lacking specific pieces of required information, don’t panic; a “save and continue” function allows you to continue at a later time.


An index will help you to focus on documents you need to provide and is an easy way to identify any missing documents.

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Why should you prepare an index? Preparing an index will help you to focus on what documents you intend to provide, it is a quick and easy way for you or anyone checking your application to identify missing documents or documents that may cause some issues with your application.

Please remember that our index is an example only. Your index should only contain the documents listed in your document checklist and any other document(s) you feel is important or relevant to your proposed application.

When you change the way you think, the things you look at change!

No more excuses about why you need a Lawyer to help you!  Buy an affordable do it yourself application legal pack and follow our legal help steps. If you want your application checked by our team then purchase our ‘legal pack checking service‘.

When you change the way you think, the things you look at change!

No more excuses about why you need a Lawyer to help you!  Buy an affordable do it yourself application legal pack and follow our legal help steps. If you want your application checked by our team then purchase our ‘legal pack checking service‘.

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When it comes to UK immigration help, you want to ensure that the lawyers you hire are up to the task. Unfortunately, there has been a huge increase in the number of organisations entering the UK immigration legal services market simply to make excessive profits. Our immigration lawyer has more than 21 years’ experience in UK immigration. Furthermore, we put people first not profits and we will always do what is best for you not what is best for us.