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Employing foreign workers can make all the difference to your business. If you lose part of your work force for whatever reason then your business could really suffer. Also if you mistakenly employ someone or a group of people without the correct permission to work in the UK, then you could receive a large Civil Penalty and damage your businesses reputation as a result . Why take the risk? Get to grips with your responsibilities now by outsourcing all or part of them to us. Don't run the risk of damaging or losing your business.

Our tutorials will help to keep you on top of your legal responsibilities as an employer of foreign workers. The Sponsorship Management System is complex, but with the help of our tutorials you can take control and keep your licence.

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Discounted Legal Services - 20% Off

As a small business retainer client you will benefit from our exclusive discounts on all our immigration services. Over time our discounted services can really add up. The discounts and exclusive member services can really make a difference. If you need to see an immigration adviser urgently because you have something important to discuss, then you can use your membership to gain exclusive access to one of experienced immigration advisers at short notice.  You can even book an urgent one to one appointment or if you wish a telephone appointment can also be arranged.

24/7 Access To Our Immigration/Employer Resources Area

Our small business retainer package has been developed so that you get everything you need and more but at a competitive price.  Having access to all our specialist business immigration and employer resources in one place will help you manage your legal responsibilities more effectively. Also having only one point of reference means you can spend more time reading and less time searching. More importantly, our business immigration portal will help you manage your legal responsibilities.

24/7 Access To Our Foreign Worker Portal

Employing and retaining foreign workers can make all the difference to the success of your business. If you lose your sponsorship licence or have to pay a large civil penalty then your business and business reputation could really suffer.  Mistakenly employing someone without permission to work in the UK is not a statutory excuse.  Why take the risk?  Get to grips with your legal responsibilities by having exclusive access to our dedicated immigration hub pages. Our hub pages have been designed to help you manage and keep on top of your legal responsibilities.

Regulatory Risks

We can help you achieve your business strategic goals in a safe environment free from risk associated with non-compliance of regulatory restrictions imposed by sections 15 to 25 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (the 2006 Act). You could be sent to jail for 5 years and might have to pay a civil penalty (fine) of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker found working illegally within your business. Employers now have a duty to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out prescribed document checks on people before employing them to ensure they are lawfully allowed to work.

Compliance Assessment

Understanding the threats and risks relevant to your business or organisation is crucial. Our bespoke services are designed to help you understand what the threat to your business is and how to overcome that threat. We can help you discover what the most critical areas are within your business environment and then provide effective testing methodology to determine the level of exposure. Regardless of what is identified our compliance assessments are designed to help quantify the problem so that we can work together to solve it.

Off Site Monitoring Services

Our immigration portal enables us to monitor current and future non-compliance risk. We provide a hands-on approach by monitoring employees immigration status on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. We have various safeguards in place to ensure that you don’t get caught out. Most organisations aren’t aware of a breach until it’s too late, but we have a bespoke system in place that enables us to quickly identify whether a breach has occurred or is about to occur. Our bespoke portal collects data directly from your managers and supervisors for analysis. We use that data to help us monitor the risk to your business or organisation.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account management will provide professional support as and when you need it most. Our account managers are experienced immigration solicitors and caseworkers that can provide independent advice when you need it.  As your account manager he or she will make every effort to understand your business immigration needs. They will work with you to achieve both your short and long term business goals. Building a good business relationship with your account manager allows you to set up compliant systems and practices that suit your business needs.

Unannounced Compliance Visits (additional fees apply)

If you are a business owner or manager with overall responsibility of others or other branches and want to ensure that current practices are being undertaken correctly and inline with our business immigration hub and in compliance with your statutory obligations then you can arrange an unannounced independent on-site audit. The audit will be…..


Risk Outcome Reports

We will provide standard and detailed reports relating to compliance associated risk. Your reports will include information highlighting potential threats, vulnerabilities and or risky HR practices that expose your business to bad press or large civil penalties. Your report will contain a compliance risk score of anything between 1 – 10. Ten being very high risk. Your report will contain practical advice on what should be done to improve your score and to meet your legal responsibilities as an employer of foreign nationals.

Remember, the Home Office will expect you to have systems in place to meet, and maintain, your obligations as a sponsor or employer of migrant workers. Don’t get caught out! The Home Office can visit your business premises at any time to check you have the proper systems in place.  Having the correct systems in place can make all the difference. Having access to up-to-date guidance material will also help you to keep on top of things.

Get Your Time Back And Grow Your Business

  • Relieve the burden of statutory obligations under the immigration rules.
  • Help managing your Sponsorship Licence.
  • Get important immigration related news alerts.
  • Get help with our animated explainer videos.
  • Get a business immigration health check.
  • Dedicated, experienced Account Manager.

Employ Foreign Nationals Without Breaking The Law

  • Get to know your legal responsibilities and manage them.
  • Get prepared for a Home Office Compliance Officer visit.
  • Learn how to keep the Compliance Officer happy.
  • Learn how to avoid a costly Civil Penalty for employing illegal workers.
  • Learn how to keep your ‘A’ rating sponsor licence.
  • Enhanced SMS support for your organisation.

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