Unannounced Onsite Immigration Compliance Audit

When you have joined our business immigration club you can instruct us to undertake a unannounced onsite audit.  We will visit your site or branch and undertake a thorough assessment of your current immigration compliance practices and internal policies to determine whether you are meeting your legislative obligation requirements.  After our independent audit we will provide a detailed report on all current practices that place you at risk of breaking the law.

Our report is designed to provide self-help and guidance on managing your legal responsibilities as an employer of foreign workers. Having compliant human resources procedures in place could save you thousands of pounds. Employing someone who does not have the correct documentation could result in you or your business receiving a large fine or even a prison sentence.  We can assess your current practices and advise you on how to improve them. We can also assess whether you could be liable for a civil penalty now or sometime in the near future. We can also provide independent advice to help you lower your risk.

Andrew Williams Solicitors have an experienced legal team that will use their knowledge and skills to make sure that your business follows all the rules and regulations to make sure that you avoid any possible legal trouble.