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Immigration Appeal

An immigration appeal is process by which an independant Immigration Judge will review a decision made by the Home Office. The pupose of the appeal is to determine whether the Home Office decision was lawfully made at the time it was made.  The Immigration Judge can also determine whether new evidence that has come to light before the hearing show that the applicant can now meet the rules.


If the Judge finds that the Home Office decision was wrong or is now wrong then the appeal will be allowed and you should be granted persmission to enter the UK where you have previously applied for entry clearance or permission to remain in the UK where you are already in the UK.  


When preparing for an appeal it is important that you address all the points raised in the Home Office refusal letter. Your Solicitor or adviser should inform you in advance of what is required and you should provide that evidence. It is also important to have a good advocate to represent you at the hearing. Alot of cases are won or lost by what your advocate will say or not say on the day of the hearing. 


When attending an oral hearing you should consider whether to call any witnesses to support your case. A witness can be anyone such as your wife or partner or a family friend. You must ensure that your witness has prepared a detailed statement before the hearing as it is important that your Lawyer knows exactly what your witness will say before they attend court.


Our Solicitors have been preparing and attending appeals for more than 14 years and we can honestly say that our success rate for all kinds of appeals are second to none. If you are looking for a good advocate and someone who can guide you through the appeals process correctly then please chose us. We won't let you down!!

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