Group Retainer Packages

Group Retainer (Up To 10 Members) – Only £149 per month (Buy Now)

Group Retainer (Up To 20 Members) – Only £199 per month (Buy Now)

Group Retainer (Up To 30 Members) – Only £249 per month (Buy Now)

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What’s the deal?
Our group retainer package is ideal for businesses and organisations that have a number of members or employees who can benefit directly from having discounted access to specialist immigration products and services. Our group retainer has been developed so that your members or employees get everything they need when they need it.

Our Retainers make sense

An important point to make is that your members can now afford to make their applications when they need to. This is because they no longer have to find expensive legal fees before they can send their immigration applications.
This plan has different fee structures depending upon how many members you want to assign benefits too.
Below is an overview of what your members will get!

Strategies to increase staff moral and business productivity

  • Develop new working practices – survey your staff to see what they would like;

  • Recognise their successes – reward positive contributions; 

  • Keeping good employees – can help grow your business;

  • Recognise their successes – reward positive contributions; 

  • To increase staff productivity  – by appreciating their efforts. 


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Speak to lawyer – (15% off)

We know that there are times when your members just need a second opinion or just need some re-assurance that what they are about to do is the right thing and will not have a negative impact on their current immigration status. Well under this plan your members get to speak to an experienced Immigration Lawyer at a discounted rate, any time they want. The current discounted rate applicable is 15%.

Speaking to an immigration lawyer will help you to focus on what you want to achieve and how. It will also give you an opportunity to ask specific questions about the following:

  1. the processes involved;
  2. the evidence required;
  3. the cost;
  4. the type of application to be made;
  5. the type of template and checking tools to be used; and
  6. decide when to complete your application.

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Application Checking Service – (15% off)

Our Application Checking service is designed to provide help and guidance on completing your own application. If you need further clarification on how to complete your own application or you just want a second opinion then we can help. We can arrange for an experienced immigration adviser to check your application and provide independent advice.

Your group retainer means your members will receive a 15% discount every time they purchase our application checking service.

We would recommend using our Application Checking service if your members have prepared their own application. We think it makes sense to double check that they have covered all the important parts of their application.
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News letters, blogs and learning material – (restricted access)

As part of your group retainer package your groups will receive limited access to updates on important Immigration Rules and European Regulation changes that may affect them or their family members.

You will also have limited access to our exclusive immigration related news letters, blogs and training material. Such topic to include ‘How to Represent Yourself in an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal’ and Make a Successful Immigration Application Yourself and Save Hundreds of Pounds.

Your group members will also have limited access to other on-demand learning material.

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Important immigration related news alerts – (limited)

You know that it is very important to keep up with any important immigration news and rule changes that may have a baring on your group members. However, actually doing this is another matter because there are so many changes introduced almost every year and that makes it very difficult to keep up with everything.

Your group members will receive limited email alerts on anything to do with important UK Immigration or European law matters that may have a direct impact on them.

Your group members may also receive limited alerts on any rule change that may not affect them directly but may have some impact indirectly, such as through their employment.   We will also alert your groups on any Home Office fee increases and application form updates.

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Discounted application fees – (15% off)

One the benefits in being a group member under this retainer package is that you get to save even more more on our applications. In fact your group members will receive a discount of 15% off our already competitive applications and services. Your group members will also receive the same discount on any new service(s) we introduce to our range later provided that your retainer continues.

Please note that your group members are only entitled to use their group member discount on 2 group member applications or services every 6 month.

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24/7 access to your members area account – (unlimited)

Your group members will have their own exclusive members area where they will have access to all their purchased items for as long as they remain within your group.  They will also be able to purchase discounted services from their own members area.

We have also introduced a notes field area where your group members can make notes about anything important or leave notes for someone they may nominate to have access to their account.  They can also manage their own accounts settings from within their members area. They can update their password, change their address or just keep a track of all their purchases. Remember your group members will have exclusive access to their own members area 24/7.


This retainer contains the following benefits for the employer: 

+ Free Business Immigration Health Check once every year.

+ 15% discount off any business immigration application.

+ 15% discount off any application to renew your sponsorship licence.

+ 15% discount off any immigration representations made on your business behalf.

+ Free immigration status assessment on any employee or proposed employee (up to a maximum of 10 per year).


Group Retainer (Up To 10 Members) – Only £149 per month (Buy Now)

Group Retainer (Up To 20 Members) – Only £199 per month (Buy Now)

Group Retainer (Up To 30 Members) – Only £249 per month (Buy Now)


Help your staff or members by retaining our services for them. Remember happy staff are productive staff.  Relieve your organisational pressures by helping your members gain access to specialist immigration help at an affordable price.