Annual Compliance Retainer 1-5

Annual Compliance Retainer 1-5

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Employ/rent without breaking the law

The Home Office will expect you to have systems in place to meet, and maintain, your obligations as a sponsor, employer or landlord of migrants. Don’t get caught out! The Home Office can visit your business premises at any time to check you have the proper systems in place.  Having the correct systems in place can make all the difference. Having access to up-to-date guidance material will also help you to keep on top of things.

For employers 
Employing and retaining good foreign workers can make all the difference to the success of your business. If you lose your sponsorship licence or receive a large civil penalty then your business could really suffer. Also your business reputation is very important. If you mistakenly employ someone without the correct permission to work then your business name could be tarnished. Why take the risk? Get to grips with your legal responsibilities now and don’t run the risk of damaging or losing your business or business reputation.

Understanding the threats and risks relevant to your business or organisation is crucial. Our bespoke services are designed to help you or your HR department(s) understand what the threat to your business is and how to overcome that threat. We can help you discover what the most critical areas are within your business environment and then provide effective methodology to determine the level of exposure. Regardless of what is identified our compliance assessments are designed to help quantify any problems so we can work together to solve them. Our overall goals are to ensure you have in place practices and policies that met your legislative immigration responsibilities.

About our retainer
We manage our clients compliance responsibilities through our in-house software ‘business and compliance management system’ (BACMS). This retainer is for businesses that have responsibility for a maximum of 5 migrants.  We will provide short animated videos that will help to keep you on top of your legal responsibilities. You will be allocated a dedicated account manager who will carry out the initial right to work checks. We also provide 20% off all legal services which includes immigration advice.

How do we ensure you remain compliant?
Our BACMS uses complex automated workflows to process and monitor important immigration data. Our workflows automatically create a series of compliant review dates. Each review date assigns a task to the account manager. These tasks are used to ensure our clients remain complaint at all times. The BACMS will also trigger 3 different compliance notifications when a compliance event is pending. The notifications will be sent to the client, account manager and our compliance management team.