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UK Settlement Applications

SET (LR) – Settlement application (10 or 5 years residence )

Depending on the type of leave you hold you can make a settlement application if you or any dependents have completed 10 or 5 years continuous and lawful residence in the UK and wish to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

You must not have been in breach of any Immigration laws except for any period of overstaying for a maximum of 28 days or less where the period of overstaying was before 24 November 2016. Where any overstaying was on or after 24 November 2016 you will still be able to apply if you were still granted leave without any restrictions.

Settlement from the British government gives you legal permission to live permanently in the UK without being subject to immigration control, although it does not grant full citizenship status.

Settlement can be granted on the basis of family, so this means individuals who are related to a British citizen or previously-settled British resident. This is usually the persons spouse or child. You can also qualify for settlement as ‘dependents’, or family members of migrants who are themselves just gaining settlement. When the main applicant in the family qualifies for settlement, that person’s dependent family members can be eligible to be granted settlement at the same time. Dependents qualify for settlement because of their family relationship with the ‘main applicant’, but that main applicant must have some other basis (such as work with residency or asylum) for settlement. Also you must remember that once you have been granted ILR, it is important to try not to spend over 2 years outside of the UK, because this could cause it to be revoked.

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