Restaurant Chain

We have worked with Andrew Williams Solicitors (AWS) for around 4 years now on both personal and business related matters. Our business used to rely quite heavily on temporary members of staff.  We would normally recruit a lot of foreign students as they seem to like the type of work we offered and provided a degree of work related flexibility. Over the past few years our business has grown and we have had some difficulty in finding and employing good UK resident members of staff.  We have had such a good experience in employing foreign students that we recently decided that we would consider employing more foreign national to work for us on a full time bases. We looked at the various rules and regulations regarding employing foreign nationals on a full-time basis and didn’t know where to start. We knew that if we got things wrong we could be liable for a large fine or even criminal prosecution.  We discussed our requirements with Andrew and Katie and they agreed to manage our immigration compliance requirements under one of their retainer packages. All our immigration compliance responsibilities are now maintained by them. They check our employees status and tell us if there are any issues. They notify us when member of staff immigration status is about to expire and tell us what to do next. We have never been happier with such an arrangement as we can now focus on building our business whilst not worrying about breaking the law for employing the wrong person.