Business Retainer Packages

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Why not plan your future with one of our Retainer Plans?
What We Offer Make Sense!

If you are an individual, then our legal plan has everything you or your individual members will need to make a successful UK immigration application.  We also know that money isn't everything but paying large amounts in Home Office fees can really take it's toll and that is why we make our products affordable. 

Business Retainer Packages

Here is what you get for your MONEY!

For employers and landlords we can provide everything you need to implement effective checking and monitoring practices to avoid breaking the law for employing illegal workers or renting to someone without permission to rent.

We all know the Immigration Rules change on a regular basis and that makes it difficult for everyone to keep up. BUT with our retainer plans we do the keeping up for you.  Why not take advantage of our plans and put our retainer plan to work for you today.

Let's talk about why it makes sense to have in place a business retainer. Remember, our benefits have been developed with your business in mind!!! 

Our Business Retainer package can be used as comprehensive support for your business, whether you are a sole trader or SME, we can help. 

What's on offer?

Our business retainer packages make sense because as a member you will gain access to our tailored newsletters, blogs, discounts and training material all year round. So if you need to or want to keep up with UK Immigration Rules and European Regulations that may affect your business then retain our services.  You will not be tied into a lengthy contract so you can cancel your retainer at any time[i].  Retainer members get notified first when we introduce new services.

As a specific retainer member you will have access to your own member area. Your exclusive member area is dedicated to your specific needs.  So if you are a employer that employs migrant workers then your member area will contain discounted services that will help you manage your migrant staff more effectively. If you hold our group retainer package then you will have access to exclusive member benefits that you can assign to your designated group members such as your staff.

You will also have 24/7 access to your exclusive member area. As a retainer package holder you will receive 3 free telephone advice consultations per year with an experienced Immigration Lawyer so you can discuss any UK Immigration related matter when you need to. See specific retainer packages for further details on what's included.

Getting organised 

Getting you organised is definitely part of our big plan. There are some real benefits in having everything you need to quickly managed your business immigration affairs.  Also passing on or referring some of our benefits to others such as members of staff may help them to also get their immigration affairs in order. You may actually find that helping others will in the long run create further benefits for  your organisation/business.

If you employ migrants or rent to migrants then you have more of an incentive than most in ensuring that you are well organised. When it comes to managing the required immigration paperwork it is the employer or landlord who will have a statutory responsibility to show they have that right immigration papers.  Failure to obtain and maintain the correct paperwork could lead to an employer or landlord being made liable for a civil penalty. Clearly, understanding your legal responsibilities and having everything in place to prove you have a statutory excuse could help you avoid paying thousands of pounds in civil penalty fines.


Save time, save money

It all adds up!

Having exclusive access to your own immigration advisers and immigration resources such as helpful blogs, training material means you no longer have to go searching for what you need in lots of different places.  If your an employer and you need to know more about your legal responsibilities as a migrant employer then all you need to do is log into your member area and view all the material in the SMS resources area. We even have video tutorials to quickly get you up to speed on your responsibilities, so if you do get a visit from the Home Office you will have everything in place to prove you are not breaking the law.

It is also worth mentioning that if you really need to speak to us regarding an ongoing or new immigration matter then feel free to contact us at any time.  We will always make ourselves available to our retainer clients.